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At Pasco Kitchen & Lounge our mission is to share our love for food and mixology with an “urban farm” inspired menu. Urban farm fare is our way of describing traditional comfort food and drink, approached with an eye toward modern techniques and emphasis on fresh, local ingredients.

We take our mixology menu just as seriously as our food. Our mixologists are passionate innovators utilizing natural ingredients with each cocktail. We believe that to create exceptional food and drink, we must start with exceptional, pure ingredients that have been cared for, all the way down to the roots. Our name, Pasco, a Latin derivation for feed and graze, was a natural result of our dedication to this philosophy – as it shares the original root word of pasture – the heart of the farm. READ OUR STORY

  • We strive to use the freshest ingredients available, selectively sourced from local farms and producers – making our menu ever-changing. Pasco’s Urban Farm Fare not only brings the farm to plate on the table – but also to the glass on the bar.......

  • The quality of our menu and service is attributed to our roots: our family of staff, farmers and partners. We source our ingredients from outstanding local farmers markets and Co-op’s. Our menu is infused with the soul and passion that Chef/Owner Ramiro Scavo brings into the kitchen......

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820 E. University Blvd. Tucson, AZ, 85719

For requests Please call us directly at (520) 882-8013

Featured Items

Duck Enchiladas

Roasted Fall Duck, Rolled in Tucson Com Tortillas with Cheese, Vegetables, House "Enchi" Sauce made of Peppers and Specialty Spices, Poached Egg, Preserved Radish, Cucumber


Father Kino

Freshly Muddled Cucumber and Cilantro, Fresh Lime Juice, Jalapeno-Spiced Agave Nectar. Chili-Tamarind Rim


Bistro Rillette Board

Traditional Country Meat. Fish. or Vegetable Spread with Freshly Made Sides and Accoutrements; (Changes Often)


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