Urban Farming

At Pasco Kitchen & Lounge we strive to create exceptional comfort food using the freshest ingredients from our local co-ops and farmers markets. We do so using an “urban farm” approach. If you are not familiar with the term, not to worry, here is a brief overview of the concept behind urban farming and how it affects us locally.

Urban farming is a method of growing food with a more environmentally, economically, and health conscious approach. This process utilizes space and land in urban areas for the purpose of establishing gardens for growing food. These spaces can even include rooftops and patios.

What are the advantages of urban farming? With growing popularity around the globe,urban farming has been promoting health and wellness, and inspiring people to create and support economically sustainable systems for food production. This method produces fresh, local produce for the community farmer’s markets or co-ops, restaurants, or even for your own family if you grow your own garden. The less distance your food has to travel to reach your plate, the fresher it will taste.

So, where can you find an example of urban farming in our neighborhood? In the Conspiracy Gardens located in the backyard of the Food Conspiracy Co-op near downtown Tucson, you can find an urban micro-farm. Thanks to a grant from the City of Tucson, the Conspiracy Gardens was recently able to install a rainwater harvesting system. During the rainy seasons of the year especially, this system harvests rainwater to use as a source of irrigation for watering the plants, ultimately decreasing energy use.

The Food Conspiracy Co-op is one of several local co-ops and farmers markets where we purchase our fresh produce. So next time you stop in to enjoy one of our fresh salads or delicious entrees, keep in mind that you are not only eating the freshest local Tucson ingredients, but you are also contributing to urban farming in our community.

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